EZCA allows you to:

  • Travel over the virtual cockpit of the aircraft, around the aircraft and around the flight simulator world.

  • In this mode camera smoothly “floats” from the current to a new position.
  •  Create up to 255 internal, external aircraft and world cameras for every aircraft. Edit POV and location of the camera “on-the-fly” with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Switch between the cameras with joystick buttons or keyboard shortcuts. This switching can be instant, or smooth thanks to PtP technology.

  • Enable and disable mouse look mode with the middle mouse button.
  • 3D panoraming mode.
  • Create and modify your own dynamic head movements effects with built-in effects editor.

  • Export and import settings to external file for back-up or for sharing with other EZCA users. You can export camera settings and settings for every single effect or module separately.